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Address: 9 Gomi St., Tbilisi, Check Point Hotel
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Our restaurant welcomes you on the Check Point Hotel terrace with views of the Old Town. We've picked the best farm products and came up with the most unusual recipes. We will prepare the freshest crêpes for you on site or ready to order.
Crêpes Menu at Frida's
1 serving is a large, satisfying crêpe with various elegant fillings. The dish weighs 230g
  • Mexican crepes: a hearty сhoiсe
    Minced beef, cheese, tomatoes, onion, garlic, pickles, basil, parsley

    23 GEL
  • Chicken crepes: delicious taste
    Fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, tzatziki sauce (yogurt, fresh cucumbers, tarragon)

    20 GEL
  • Tuna crepes: original recipe
    Tuna, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin seeds

    23 GEL
  • Pancakes with salmon: gold edition
    Salmon, cucumber, cottage cheese by special recipe

    27 GEL
  • Vegetarian crepes: a unique recipe
    Tomatoes, suluguni, tarragon, tzatziki sauce (yogurt, fresh cucumbers, tarragon)

    20 GEL
  • Desert crepes: a classic sweet
    Nutella, banana, nuts, coconut flakes

    20 GEL
  • Fruits Flambe crepes: abundant set
    Cottage cheese, sour cream, mint, walnuts
    Flambe: seasonal fruits and berries, honey, rum

    20 GEL

Salads and light snacks
  • Georgian salad
    Tomato, cucumber, nuts, onion, parsley, basil, Kakhetian oil

    18 GEL
  • Salad with tuna
    Tuna, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin seed

    23 GEL
  • Cheese and fruit platter
    Different types of cheese, seasonal fruits, nuts, churchkhela, honey

    30 GEL
  • Nachos plate
    Nachos chips, tzatziki sauce (yogurt, fresh cucumbers, tarragon)

    15 GEL

Hot drinks
  • Coffee in turk
    8 GEL
  • Cocoa with marshmallows
    10 GEL
  • Mulled wine
    15 GEL
Cold drinks
  • Frappe coffee with ice cream
    10 GEL
  • Homemade lemonade with blueberry and melon
    9 GEL
  • Homemade lemonade with citrus
    9 GEL
  • Homemade lemonade with strawberry and tarragon
    9 GEL
  • Orange fresh
    13 GEL
Homemade wine
  • White, red or pomegranate
    One glass (0,15)

    9 GEL

Nuts: 12 GEL
Bakuriani water : 3 GEL
Borjomi : 4 GEL
Tea: 8 GEL
Natakhtari beer / 0,5: 6 GEL

Wine Menu
Sparkling Wine
Tsinandali Estate: 46 GEL
Brut Vismino Brut: 27 GEL

White Dry
Matrobela - Mtsvane: 20 GEL
Giuaani - Manavi: 26 GEL
Vismino-Tsinandali: 26 GEL
Churi Chinebuli - Krakhuna: 46 GEL
Baias Tsitska Tsolikouri Krakhuna

White Naturallly Semi-sweet
Vismino - Tvishi: 32 GEL
Giuaani - Semi-sweet: 21 GEL

Qvevri Amber
Matrobela - Rkatsiteli Qvevri: 24 GEL

Vismino - Tavkveri: 38 GEL
Churi Chiebuli - Rose: 46 GEL
Red Dry
Matrobela - Saperavi Matured in oak: 22 GEL
Giuaani - Saperavi: 25 GEL

Qvevri Red
Matrobela - Saperavi: 26 GEL
Qvevri Gvantsa's Wine - Otskhanuri Sapere: 50 GEL

Red Naturally Semi-sweet
Giuaani - Kindzmarauli: 33 GEL
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